1. DON’T show up for your tattoo appointment under the influence of any substance. 2. DON’T bring children or pets to the tattoo studio. Period, NO exceptions.

3. DO bring a GOVERNMENT ISSUED photo ID, it is required to get a tattoo.

4. DO wear comfortable clothing according to where you’re getting tattooed on your body. Black or dark colors are always a good choice.

5. DO eat a good meal before coming to your appointment.

6. DO tip your tattoo artist! 15-20% is normal; anything more is considered generous.

7. DON’T try and bargain with your tattoo artist. Remember: “Good Tattoos aren’t Cheap and Cheap Tattoos aren’t Good.”

8. DON’T brag to a tattoo artist about how cheap your other tattoos were. If you want a professional tattoo, be prepared to pay a professional price.

9. DON’T ask a Tattooer to draw something unless you’re prepared to leave a deposit.

10. DO maintain personal hygiene, come in for your tattoo as if you were going to work – fresh, clean and ready to go!

11. DO tell your artist if you’re feeling dizzy or nauseous, have any concerns about getting tattooed, or if you have any medical issues i.e. pregnancy, medications, high blood pressure or anemia, any diseases or medical conditions.

12. DON’T try to force your artist to make social conversation, some artists prefer to concentrate while they work and constantly talking is a distraction for them.

13. DON’T bring a group of people with you while you’re getting tattooed. Limit your party to yourself +1, and ask your companion to sit quietly and not crowd the table or station.

14. DO try and shave the area before you come in where possible.

15. DO moisturize the area you’re getting tattooed for a few days before your appointment.

16. DON’T call or email numerous times inquiring about your design.

17. DON’T be in a rush to finish, make sure you have plenty of time for your appointment.

18. DO check your design to make sure it’s exactly as you want it before you begin the tattoo.

19. DO trust your tattooer. They don’t want you walking around with a bad tattoo any more than you do, so trust them.

20. DO use tattoo aftercare solution. Aftercare is crucial for proper healing of your tattoo. Use  D-Lize Pro  the all-in-one solution for initial healing stage of a tattoo.